Poor state of the roads enhances extortion on port access roads —Truck Union

A group under aegis of The Council of Maritime Trucks Union Associations, COMTUA, has decried the poor state of the port access roads, which they say enhances extortion and damage to trucks.

In statement, Chairman of the COMTUA, Comrade Adeyinka Aroyewun, also that shipping terminals are now congested as trucks find it difficult to reach the terminals to clear the goods due to the poor state of almost all the access roads to the terminals.

He added that all unapproved monies collected by the management of Truck Transit Park Limited, TTP, must be refunded, adding that the illegalities in the port industry was due to failure of    governance.

He stated: “There is congestion at the ports currently as the terminals are overwhelmed and the road overstretched. The poor state of the road is making extortion lucrative for hoodlums and causing damages to vehicles.

“While the failure of government to put the road in proper shape, secure the country, provide employment for the youth is not in doubt, but the burden and punishment that this situation results on the citizens is unquantifiable.”

Lamenting the failure of governance, he added, “The shipping companies and Terminal operators charge demurrage and claim a lot of money for problems caused by them. The government through several agencies proliferated for more oppressive purposes collects fines.

“To add salt on injuries, NPA whose failure and mismanagement have led to concessions and deprivation of some sort have now conspired with TTP to milk truckers of over N40billion between February 2021 and July 2022.

“No regulation from the economic regulator. It is obvious that everyone is against truckers and this is a recipe for anarchy.

“My advice to government is to ensure that this illegality is stopped, a forensic audit be conducted and entire refund be made to truckers. The TTP/ETO shouldn’t have been in the first place, if NPA’s responsibility of cargo handling cannot pay wages and improve infrastructures within their premises, Truckers should not be sacrificed for their redundant employees and the extravagant standard of living of their management.

“All legal and legitimate means shall commence against all of this irregularities in the next seven working days.”

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